Am I Going to Bigg Boss? | Dhruv Rathee latest news?

Did you hear the news? I’m going to make a wildcard entry in Bigg Boss! So many media houses have published this news: India TV, India Times, ABP News, India Today, Zoom TV, Pinkvilla, and Economic Times. I mean, look at this headline: “Popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee set to make a wildcard entry in Bigg Boss OTT 2.” One website has confirmed this: “Dhruv Rathee Bigg Boss OTT Entry Confirmed!” So, is this true?

No! Till now, no one has asked me to go on Bigg Boss this season, and neither have I told anyone that I want to go on Bigg Boss. So, first of all, this tells you the standard of our Indian media. They will publish anything without any hesitation. Scroll down and see the article in Economic Times; there is a disclaimer.

“This content is authored by a 3rd party. Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that any information and content provided is correct, updated, and verified.” They do not take responsibility for the materials they post. They shift the responsibility on you to ascertain whether the news is true or not. And the second thing here is that some of you would be wondering if I am invited to Bigg Boss, will I go on Bigg Boss? No! Let me say this clearly, even if they offer to pay me to be on the show, hundreds of thousands, millions, any amount of money, I will never go to such a nonsense show in my life.

In my opinion, this is a very cheap way to earn money and fame, which has a bad impact on society. So in today’s video, I would like to explain what is problematic in the concept of this show? Is this show scripted? And why you should not watch such shows at all. If you or any of your family members waste their time watching Bigg Boss, then this video is for you.

“Now, there’s news of famous YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s possible wildcard entry in Big Boss.” Once, this guy Siddharth Yadav made a YouTube video in which he said that there are so many jobless people in our country who watch Salman Khan’s movies that have neither heads nor tails. “This gives you an idea of how many jobless people we have in our country who enjoy watching such movies that make no sense. But because it is Salman Khan’s movie, even if the ticket costs a thousand rupees, they need to watch Salman Khan’s movies, regardless of anything.”

He was somewhat right. We shouldn’t consume any content that doesn’t have any intellectual or profound content, that isn’t productive. It’s a different matter that he is in Bigg Boss’ house now. But it’s also true that Bigg Boss is the most apt place for this type of person. People like him deserve to go on Bigg Boss and, in fact, to win it. I’m sure he can win this show. Because there are some specific qualities that are required for this show’s concept, based on which this show can run. I’ll tell you about that later in the video, but first, let’s know the history of this show.

How did this show begin? In 1949, writer George Orwell published a legendary novel called 1984. This book talks about a dictator-dystopian government, which is headed by an unknown Big Brother. Posters are put up everywhere, “Big Brother is watching you.” The dictatorial government is always watching you. In 1999, some guys in the Netherlands took a similar concept from this novel and turned it into a TV show, which they named Big Brother. The concept of this show was that some people would live in a house under constant surveillance and under the command of Big Brother.

To shape the format of this TV show, they took inspiration from some older TV shows also, such as the MTV reality show The Real World and a 1997 Swedish TV show Expedition Robinson. After a while, this show became very popularand started spreading all over the world.Copying
this concept,America, Canada, Mexico,Brazil, Argentina, Australia,Indonesia,
Thailand, the Philippines,China, and Russia,made their Big Brothers.And when it
comes to copying,the Indian entertainment industry can’t lag behind.Big Brother
was made into

Big Boss in India. It was soon launched in different languages. After Hindi, came Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. Then when OTT platforms came, they made Big Boss OTT.

George Orwell mentioned Big Brother as a warning in his book. He was criticizing governments like Stalin and Hitler, and the techniques used in these dictatorships to fool people. How propaganda for fascism is run on the telescreen. And there is constant surveillance; no one is safe from it. History is rewritten. The people display the bandwagon effect.

Now, turning to the topic, what are shows like Big Brother and Big Boss doing? Contrary to this novel, they are providing you the cheapest form of entertainment, which has a heavy dose of two things: everyday sadism and voyeurism.

First, let’s look at sadism. The definition of this word is something like this: “The tendency to derive pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.” Enjoying hurting others and insulting them. You may find this shocking, but if you are a part of the audience watching Big Boss, then you are taking part in this sadistic pleasure too. Normally, a sadistic personality is associated with murderers or psychopaths. Only psychopathic people who kill others or hurt others and enjoy it derive pleasure in doing so.

But some psychological studies have discovered a less extreme category of sadism, which is called Everyday Sadism. Like this study from 2013, which was published in the reputed journal Psychological Science. They conducted psychological experiments on Everyday Sadism. Let me give you some examples.

You’d remember that in the ancient Roman Empire, as you must have read in your textbooks, the Colosseum in Rome was a stadium for public entertainment. Here, gladiators would often fight each other. Many times when a gladiator would get badly injured, the audience in the stadium would be asked whether to let him go or to kill him. Many times the people would give a thumbs up to kill him. Often in this arena, a hungry animal would be sent, like a tiger or a lion, to fight this gladiator. This is a good example of Everyday Sadism because the people sitting in the stadium were looking for entertainment in the suffering of a gladiator.

Moving forward thousands of years, today, many people enjoy watching street fights. When two people start fighting on the road, whatever the reason, often a crowd gathers. Very few people try to stop the fight. Most people just stand around and enjoy the fight. Another example of this is bullies. People who like to bully others in school or college.

People who enjoy humiliating others. Or you would have seen people who will start kicking or throwing stones at dogs on the side of the road for no reason. Just because they enjoy it. A moderate example of this in an office could be a boss who is always criticizing an employee for no reason. Not because he wants to get some work done. Just because he enjoys inflicting mental pain on his employees. These are the major examples of Everyday Sadism. Mob lynching is another example.

On the other hand, when news anchor Rohit Sardana was
murdered.There were some people on the other side who were celebrating this.Now,
criticizing the work of these people is one thing,but taking a sadistic
pleasure in their passing away,finding one’s happiness in another’s death,is a
good example of sadism.People often have many justificationsin the name of
Everyday Sadism.Some say that this is the justice of nature,and some say that
this is karma.But actually, all of this is sadism.People derive sadistic
pleasurewhen they see someone getting insulted or trolled.Entire YouTube
channels are often made on this.Where in each and every video,

someone gets
insulted,someone gets abused or someone gets bullied.Now, I am not criticizing
the roast format herebecause making roast videos can be an art.It can be done
positivelywithout sadism.A good example of this would beSlaypoint’s YouTube
channelwhich makes roast videos.They criticize stupid thingslike being an
irrational motivational guruor some absurd food recipes.But they poke fun on
the stupidity.They do not intend to abuse, bully,

or insult someone.A 2018
study by the University of Innsbruck showedhow everyday sadistslike to play
especially violent video games.Because that’s what uplifts their mood.That’s
what gives them happiness.Often films are made to exploit this sadism.They are
called Torture Films.Like the Saw seriesor Human Centipede.Some people liked
Joker’s character in the film Dark Knight because perhaps their own sadistic
personalitygets validated by that.

But on the other hand, there are some filmsthat
I would like to state as exampleswhich sensitively depict sadism.For example,
the film The Platformor Snowpiercer.Criticizing the socio-economic system,showing
violence without glorifying it.And finally, if we come to Bigg Boss,TV shows
like Big Brother and Bigg Bossexploit this Everyday Sadism.

They try to appease
this.Their formula is that people like to watch this nonsense,so they give them
nonsense.And to be honest, this Everyday Sadism in Bigg Bossreaches the next
level.Contestants always fight with each other.There are often physical fights.People
throw utensils at each other.In one case, a contestant threw boiling water at

There’s physical violence.In one case, a contestant choke-slammed
another contestant.The contestants aren’t the only ones to do this,rather, the
concept of the show encourages this.For example, once the contestants were
given a torture taskin which they had to throw chilli powder on the faces of
other contestants.The contestants are made to do such nonsensical ‘tasks’so
that they can be humiliated.People are asked to bathe in cow dung.A man was
asked to drink water from a dog bowl.Often people leak each other’s personal
matterswhich makes people

cry.You get to see body shaming.A female contestant
tells another female contestantthat some people were not worthy of standing
with her.Criticising their physical appearance. “Backbiting” is a
crucial component of this show.You regularly see misogyny and homophobia.Sometimes
someone mixes soap in someone’s water.Sometimes a guy breaks the lock of the
washroomwhen a girl is taking a shower.Often you see toxic relationships.Some
of these are fake relationshipswhich are shown just to increase the show’s TRP.Then
comes the concept of Voyeurism.

This word meanstaking cheap pleasure in watching
other people’s lives.Enjoying closely watching what happens in other people’s
private lives.Once again, you will see many examples of this in your daily
life.Like, if there is an MMS leak.You see people searching on Google to find
it.Another example of this could besome people like to watch daily vlogs.

are some YouTubers whose vlogs are aimed atwhen they woke up, brushed their
teeth,played with their dog, rode their bicycle,and then they went shopping.Why
do people find these things entertaining?Because of voyeurism.People enjoy
watching what’s going on in their personal lives.And it’s a shame that some
YouTubers even exploit this.Like, their child may be crying,but they think
about getting the camera

because it will be good content.Their child might be hurt,but
first they take the camera and film it.If there is a fight at home,they want to
be the ones to stream it.So that they get some content.Many people often make a
dangerous one-sided parasocial relationshipwith daily vloggers.In my opinion, children
should not be allowedto watch daily vlogs.Since children’s brains are not fully
developedso voyeurism can be very dangerous for them.Another moderate example
of this is CCTV footages.People enjoy watchingCCTV footage of thieves being
capturedor someone being murdered

or a terrorist attack or road accidents.Media houses also
often play these footages on TV.So Everyday Voyeurismobviously increases in a
surveillance state.So, if we talk about Bigg Boss again,then this Everyday
Voyeurism is exploited badly by Bigg Boss.In Bigg Boss 16, 98 cameras were
installed inside the house.And now, a different level of madness is taking
place regarding voyeurism.Contestants are often recorded 24×7 with multi-camerasand
the audience is also allowed to watch them 24×7 on a live feed.They can choose
any of the three camerasand choose what they want to watch.And as you know,
there is so much

unemployment in the country thatthere are a lot of people
who are freewho have no other workso they start watching this.By watching the
live feed of these camerasone can take some voyeuristic pleasure.People often
share their personal secrets

with their close friends and best friends.But here, people
are toldto tell their personal secrets on national television.To generate
content and TRP.And the amazing thing is thatnothing about this ‘reality’ TV
show is real.Contestants know that they are being recorded for 24 hourswith so
many cameras.So will any contestantbehave in their natural state here?Will your
behaviour be the sameas it is normally?Not at all.Everyone will be
self-conscious to some extent.Secondly,

an artificial competitive setup is
created in this showso that you will naturally have to insult others,and
backbite others,if you want to rise above them.In Bigg Boss’ house, this is
called ‘performance.’These interactions between people,are these natural
interactionsthat would happen in real life?In real life,if so many people have
to live in a house,there will hardly be a fight between them.Here, such setups
are forcedto create arguments and fights between people.The truth is, friends,the
world is not that stupid.Although I have told you many examples of

Everyday Sadism and Everyday Voyeurism.But most people are
not like that.There are many intellectual, well-behaved,dignified, and
compassionate people in the world.Take Dr Vikas Divyakirti, for example,He has
made many educational videos on philosophical topics.Or if we talk about actors
and actresses,take Konkana Sen, for example,She has given so many great
performances in so many films.But in the 17 seasons of Bigg Boss,you would not
have seen a single person like

Dr Vikas Divyakirti or Konkana Sen.Firstly, nice people will
never go to such cheap shows.But secondly,even if a nice person goes to such
showsthey are provokedto be part of this sadism and voyeurism.To create
controversy and insult peopleand if they don’t, they will be thrown out.There
was a participant in Bigg Boss 8Sushant Divgikar.A model, singer, dancer,
psychologist,and winner of Mr Gay India 2014.He was thrown out of Bigg Boss
very quickly.Later, he said in an interview thathe has more than 500 books at
home.he reads a lot,

And has an IQ of 147. But he said that he was sad to say that the collective IQ of the Bigg Boss 8 contestants was less than room temperature. All the while Sushant lived in that house, Sushant didn’t fight with anyone; he just kept busy with his songs and dance routines. But you don’t get TRP like this. You get TRP only when there’s conflict or fights among contestants. Bhojpuri star Khesari Lal Yadav was a contestant in Bigg Boss 13. He was also thrown out of the house very quickly. And when he gave an interview to the Times of India, he said that the…

Format of the show doesn’t suit him. Humans become devils in this house. And if you want to move ahead in this show, you can do so only by insulting and humiliating others. This was what he said: “I was amid devils there. There, in the form of humans, everyone was behaving like devils. And no one is human in there. What can anyone do?”

Bigg Boss Season 4 contestant Rahul Bhatt said in an interview, “I can’t provide entertainment to viewers at the cost of making a fool of myself.” Why would the channel want to keep someone on the show if there is no controversy or romance involving them? So on the face of it, it looks like there is no public voting here. Only the TRP decides who will be thrown out of the house.

Bigg Boss Season 9 contestant Aman Verma also said that he had a pre-planned deal with the producers that he will be in the house for only 6 weeks. A Sunday special episode of Bigg Boss 16 was hosted by Shekhar Suman. He had criticized some of the contestants, but the viewers criticized him for pointing out only some of the contestants. So he replied by saying that he had been given a script written by the channel that he had to follow.

Bigg Boss 4 winner Shweta Tiwari, Bigg Boss 6 contestant Aashka Goradia, and Bigg Boss 11 runner-up Hina Khan said that this show is heavily edited. The long conversations are shown as two lines only. It is deliberately shown as if there are misunderstandings between the show’s contestants, sheer misrepresentations. Aashka said that she was rubbing a balm on another female contestant’s hand after she had an allergic reaction. But the show’s editors used editing tricks and showed only half of the things and made it look like she was a lesbian.

Bigg Boss 7’s contestant Shilpa Saklani says that the show is not scripted, but that everyone knows what to do to win. There are prerequisites to react and give content, to fight with each other, to put across their point of view, and to be assertive. So even if we ignore these accusations of the show being scripted, even if we believe that the show is not scripted, some things are very clear in front of us.

First, there are no auditions here. Contestants are chosen by the makers of the show. Based on what? Well, it seems like, based on intrigue. Second, 24-hour footage is edited to be a 50-minute episode. Which of those 50 minutes are shown? Those that will attract the most viewers. Third, the viewer’s perception based on that edit influences the voting. Often the rules are also bent. Sometimes there are no eliminations on some weekends. Sometimes the contestants who have been eliminated are called back into the house, and sometimes, there is a wild-card entrant. Everything is decided by the makers of the show based on its saleability.

Fourth, the tasks given in the show are also decided by the makers of the show based on saleability. And what is saleable here? No intellectual discussion. No social issues, philosophy, history, sociology, spirituality, poetry, literature, cinema, or science. None of it is being discussed here. People just want to watch others fighting. People want to see their personal lives. People want to see people backbiting others. People want to see other people insulting each other. A cocktail of Everyday Sadism and Voyeurism. Whose show is it? The show makers’. Whose money is invested? The show makers’. Whose time is being wasted? Yours! And whose mental state is being affected? Yours!

When Honey Singh is asked about his misogynistic songs, he replies that it’s just entertainment. That it is what the public wants. If you ask the showmakers of Bigg Boss about what they are showing to the public, he will also reply similarly. The same excuse is used: it’s just entertainment. The public wants this, that’s why they show it. “Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment.”

Friends, the thing is, watching such things can affect you too. Psychiatrist Dr. Marcia Sirota claims that just like our teeth and health are affected by junk food, bad reality TV shows affect our brains, and we become ruder. When people see the reality TV shows and how celebrities become rich and famous on it by abusing people, doing weird things, and by becoming self-serving egoistics, the audience is convinced by this perception. The audience starts believing that if they want to earn money and fame, then this is the best way. Doing such cheap things. Telecasting their personal life on national TV. Insulting, bullying, and roasting other people.

Brian Gibson, a psychologist at Central Michigan University, did a study and concluded that watching such reality TV shows leads to an increase in aggression in the viewers. Comparing to violent media and crime TV shows, reality TV shows cause a higher increase than them. An effect on the mental health of the contestants is also evident. Many contestants have said that after the show, they had to deal with so many mental health issues. Many contestants who were so determined to win that they reveal their personal secrets later regretted doing so. Some contestants are made into villains in the public perception, even though they are not that bad in real life. Then the public criticism that people have to face after coming on the show causes a lot of anxiety among the contestants.

Shamita Shetty, Sana Khan, Kushal Tandon, Nikki Tamboli, Kavita Kaushik, Shalin Bhanot, Rahul Vaidya, Himanshi Khurana, Apurva Agnihotri, and Shilpa Shaklani are the examples of those people who faced mental health issues after going on the show, and after the show, they had to take therapy.

So I request everyone not to treat their brain like a dustbin. Your brain is not a dustbin that you can keep throwing any rubbish into it. The content you are consuming, choose it wisely. The type of entertainment you are consuming, think about what effect it is having on you. Does it have a positive impact on your life or a negative impact? And I am not saying that you should always consume intellectual content. Even if you want to consume non-intellectual entertainment, remember to be conscious of its influence on your mental well-being.ectual entertainment,think about it first.Will it have a positive or
negative impact on you

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