How to Grow on Pinterest from SCRATCH in 2023 📈 (I get 20 MILLION Views!)

 How to Grow on Pinterest from SCRATCH in 2023 📈 (I get 20 MILLION Views!)

How to Grow on Pinterest from SCRATCH in 2023

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, because you will want to follow this plan exactly to get the quickest and best results. Day one, what do we do first? If I had to grow my Pinterest account from scratch this year, this would be my exact plan to hit 10 million views in one year. 

I want to be on a Pinterest business account not apersonIf you are not building a personal brand, you could use your logo here, but it must look good in a circle like this. If your logo does not fit this shape well, you either change your logo or use your photo for status. , you either ensure that your profile name and your short bio help establish your positioning. All three of these things should match and look professional. the fashion Niche lifestyle photos would look

how to grow my business on pinterest 

How to Grow on Pinterest from SCRATCH in 2023

 great for your profile picture my username is notanastasia1234 it’s Anastasia blogger seewhiIf you work in the fashion industry, niche travel photos would make more sense for you. Niche lifestyle photos would look great as yNotanastasia1234 is my usernameIt is Anastasia blogger see because that makes sense for my niche, and I am lucky that it was available on Pinterest. If your exact domain name or brand name is not already taken, try adding something else that still fits. 

For instance, if I were an Instagram marketing expert, I would create the username IG Anastasia. ou it should be about your audience it should tell them why they should follow you what they will get from your content if you tell them in this short bio how you can help them you’re already ahead of the game now you’re trying to grow from scratch right your account is small but you

 have one advantage you can learn from your competitors and do what worked best forthemso day two competitor research so I do it for myself and I always do it whenI’m helping clients grow on Pinterest You do not need to reinvent the wheel if someone is successful on Pinterest in your niche because they are doing something right, so why not look at their accounts and learn a few things from them? What does this process look like? I look at the top 5 or 10 established accounts in the niche. 

how to grow on pinterest

First consider your primary objective. phrase that best captures your niche One or more main keywords might state that we are looking for homemade beauty products. I will assume you have a blog where you post various recipes. for diy beauty products you need to click here on the profile button because we don’t need to look at the pins we want to check the biggest profiles in your niche open those top accountright on this page you will see they are usually showing up

here in search results because they have a large following when you open their Pages you will also see that normally they will have quiteHigh monthly viewers the top three accounts that I opened had 8 million 10 million and one and a half million monthly viewers and why do you need to check this you want to see what is the potential of growth for you in thisNiche I picked this niche as an example because 

instagram to pinterest 2022

it’s quite narrow and it still has several pretty strong accounts but if I searched for more generic Beauty Accounts I would find there are dozens of accounts with 10 plus million monthly viewers but you don’t want to start onPinterest with a niche that has very few strong accounts if no one achieved any results with your Niche on Pinterest itis a sign that there is no audience for your Niche on this platform in that sense Google SEO traffic might be a better place for you to start Pinterest Is usually best for niches that are broad enough and if you go after something very new like a unicorn narrowNiche with little to non-search volume even on Google then forget 

how to use pinterest to grow your instagram

about it people will not look for it on Pinterest For sure the next thing to check in those top profiles of your competitors to look at their most recent activity are they creating ideas what type of pins they’re creating are these video pins or mostly image pins take a piece of paper and make your notes if you see something that you like or you find ismart that your competitors do the point it out now you need to click on the saved Tab and it will show you all the boards that they have on their profile check

what are the names of their boards you will need this list of boards but your search shouldn’t stophere on Pinterest you should open their website and check what exactly they do there what kind of content do they create that resonates so well with thePinterest audience you should open their website on a mobile device too to get the same experience as most of thePinterest users will get because the majority of Pinterest audience is on mobile devices using the Pinterest app so check

how to grow on pinterest as an artist

how easy it is to share something from your competitor’s site onPinterest maybe they have a few vertical images that work perfectly well as pinsto be saved or maybe they have somewhere Plugin or a button that encourages users to follow them on Pinterest and you shouldn’t move forward before you made some notes about the design style that you see on your most successful competitors accounts what kind of fonts and colours work best for your Niche take your notes again all of those little things will help 

you grow your accountnow a short story time for you guys Irecently had a client who told me she has been repainting hundreds of pins daily initially it was working well andher impressions were growing slowly from zero but it didn’t help her get any traffic to her site so she was getting discouraged well obviously it didn’t help with traffic because she didn’t focus on creating her own pins she was just sending all the traffic to those other sites she was repeating from hundreds of pins a day it’s a lot of work for nothing now let’s make it clearfirst doing a lot of things that aren’t working 

how to use pinterest to grow your youtube channel

doesn’t mean that you will get any results it just means that you’re wasting your time and potentially even hurting your account there are many things beginners do on Pinterest Thinking it might help them like doing follow for follow or commenting with your links on Pinterest or sending direct messages to other users asking to maybe join their group boards but oneday boom and your accounts get suspended you don’t want that for yourself right so let’s continue with the right steps that will take you from zero to 10 million monthly viewers on Pinterest soday three you need to start understanding 

Pinterest SEO and create your Pinterest boards Pinterest is not just a social media site it’s also search engine it shows you visual search results it tracks users activity on theplatform it knows their interests and their history of search queries so you’ve got to play the game on their terms there is an algorithm there are keywords that people might search for and find your account you need to do 

how to grow your following on pinterest

the keyword research and know how to describe whatever your account is about with keywords you need the main focus keyword or maybe a couple of them then you need to find your secondary your additional keywords and all of this should be reflected in your profile name and in your profile about field then you also need to apply SEO to every single board that you create on 

your Pinterest Account and to every single pin that you publish and I’ve got an in-depth video on my channel that is focused onPinterest SEO specifically I will linkto it in the description below but hereI will give you a quick idea of how things work so you can watch that videolater as a user when you type in some keyword Pinterest shows you relevant pins as a result they can and 

the idea pins which are like stories on Instagram video pins or regular image pins but they will all be relevant to your initial search you will see additional keyword suggestions showing up below the search bar these are all popular keywords related to the main keyword that you searched for use this search bar as your first and entirely 

freePinterest keyword research tool to get at least a feeling of what people are looking for in your Niche what kind of keywords they might be typing onPinterest I recommend you to get back to your notebook now and write down a list of keywords that you find to be the most interesting for you to create content about or maybe the most popular keywords in your Niche which you should use to create your 

Pinterest boards by the way you can filter search results onPinterest by profiles as well which means that you can find the most relevant user accounts in your Niche and this is how you could also be found by your potential audience on Pinterest so make sure you watch my video onPinterest SEO and optimise your entire profile when you do so make sure that you print out and also go 

over myPinterest SEO checklist that you can download for free I’ll give you a linking the description below now we are onday four create content on your site and promote it on Pinterest well this you should do on day 4 and moving forward for the rest of the year you can start aPinterest account when you don’t have a website or maybe even if you just have a few pages on it but you 

cannot run an account with just a few pages for a longtime so make sure that you keep creating a lot of different page URLs on yoursite because be the blog or ane-commerce site it won’t be easy for you to grow if you just have five pages you cannot create hundreds of pins for each of your five pages because it will quickly make your account look spammyand repetitiveit doesn’t mean that you need to 

have a huge team to keep up with the pace and create multiple pieces of content for your site daily but you should strive to create at least one great piece of content on your site per week now we’re on day five make your pinning plan you need to know about all the different types of pins on this platform you have regular image pins which are linked to your page URL and usually they generate the highest amount of traffic then you also have video pins they’re vertical videos 

which should be really short about 6 to 15 hours is enough video pins also can be linked to a specific page on your site wait what did I say six hours for a short videoI was just checking if you were listening I’m dropping here the golden nuggets and if you want the best Roifrom watching this video you better grab a pen and a paper and point out that videos on Pinterest should be only 6 to15 seconds 

long this is an official recommendation on Pinterest video guidelines idea pins are the most recent pin format so they get an additional boost in the Pinterest algorithmIdeas include several slides each slide can be made of a short video or animage and I recommend by the way to usea short video as the first slide indians because this way your Olympianswill look more dynamic in 

the Pinterestfeed then I would highly recommend you to use my favourite time saving strategy content repurposing on Pinterest it looks like this for me for one ideapad I Need to create a short video and image and then upload them first and first and second slide then I will upload the same video as a separate video pin and save it today and I’ll Upload a separate image pin from the second slide of this idea pin and schedule it for a week later video pins and image pins 

allow you to add a destination URL so that will drive youtraffic idea pins don’t drive you traffic directly but they’re great for growing your account overall including following numbers and Impressions they’re also helping you get more traffic to your regular image pins I published another video explaining how creating idea pins for a month on a daily basis helps me grow my traffic by 50 and I’ve shown how this works in the Pinterest algorithm so check the link to this video up there and in 

the description below now we’re on day six improve your print design creating different format of pins is good but it’s not enough you need to create beautiful and click worthy pins that people will love to save to their boards and pins with intriguing activity that will make people click on the image and visit your site I cannot stress enough how important is the visual appeal of your content onPinterest

 users who don’t care about pretty and Visually appealing content don’t hang out on this platform now this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to never grow on Pinterest if you are not a graphic designer or if you cannot afford to hire one I’m not a graphic designer and my account has grown to 10 million monthly viewers over time and Use canva templates to create most of myopinions can we use a free online tool that gives you thousands of templates for different formats of pins including video pins and 

you can start a free canva account using canva and all you need to do there is just customise the templates by maybe changing text overlay or replacing background images canvas also has a huge collection of stock photos right inside the tool so you can just search for whatever you need 

drag and drop the image and you’re good to go when you use these canva templates my best advice for you if you’re not a designer and you’re not sure about your choices of fonts and colours just stick as much as possible with what is already offered in the template because sometimes people take a pretty template and they change it to a point when it becomes king of the opposite of what’s visually appealing and you want to use the templates specifically because they already 

have good fonts and colour combinations and they’re already selected for you so don’t try to fix what already works well now within myprogram Pinterest SEO traffic Secrets Igo into the nitty-gritty of creating beautiful and viral pins and if you’re interested in learning more about what kind of pins go viral on Pinterest and much more you can check out more about this paid programme in the description below 

now we are on day 7 batching content now this step is entirely up to you if you like to log into yourPinterest account several times a day and post everything manually you can do that for me I would probably try to catch everything what is possible to batch so for instance you can schedule video pins and image 

pins but for now you cannot schedule ideas you can place pins on Pinterest scheduler nativesketch scheduler but only up to two weeks in advance and only one board at a time so I prefer to use Tailwind Scheduler and you can create a free account with Tailwind using tailwind and it allows you by the way also to 

scheduleInstagram and Facebook posts anyway whatI would normally do I would schedule inTailwind every image pin or video pinthat I created to about three most relevant boards and I would use a seventh day interval intelligent but I Understand that batching can be not a good idea for everyone maybe if you are stay-at-home mom and you have many short periods of time while your baby sleeps throughout the day then you can just do a little bit of work every time or maybe 

if you’re a student who is on along holiday maybe you have a whole week to sit and create content three months in advance for your Pinterest account now what do you do next that was a lot of information so I hope if you’re still with me leave me a comment below just say something likeI’m still here and I can tell you if you stick to these strategies it is totally doable to reach 10 million monthly viewers on Pinterest in a year

 I know it because I’ve done it this way and I have students who achieve the same results but I will leave you with a few bonus tips that you can Implement beyond that first week and use it for the rest of the year bonus tip number one pay attention to your analytics on Pinterest if you see some of your pins are getting traction then study analytics for these pins because Pinterest doesn’t only give

youtube analytics for the overall account you can also open analytics on a particular pin be a learner try to understand why this particular pin stands out and what makes it go viral because marketing is not about hard truths it’s all about experimenting now bonus tip number two don’t join group boards I told you to do competitors urge in the first week but one thing I wanted to note is that a lot of older accountson 

Pinterest might be in lots of groupboards but it doesn’t mean that you have to waste your time trying to join them as well it only seems like these older accounts are successful because of the group boards in reality posting to group boards used to be a strategy that worked over three years ago but then Pinterest Has changed their algorithm and announced that large generic and spammy group boards will lose distribution power and they’re pretty much useless now so

most established accounts still have some of those group boards because maybe they just forgot to delete them or maybe some of these group boards are actually their own rule boards and so they’re worried if they deleted them they would lose some of their analytics some of the data in their analytics 

nowThird bonus point study what works in your Niche so I like to say that pins with text overlay are more efficient and that’s true for the most part but in some niches people want the in without any distractions on it for example let’s take art or maybe wallpapers so users might want to save them as a background on their smartphone they want the image and they don’t want any text on it the same goes for example 

for 3D art or architecture people just want to save the exact photo and the text on the image would just ruin it you will only discovered this when you do your own research for your Niche so don’t put the pressure on you to reinvent the wheel do what already works in your Niche to get the quickest results now that you have the plant to grow

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