Can Instagram’s Threads App REALLY Replace Twitter?

Threads: The Social Media App from Instagram

Can Instagram’s Threads App REALLY Replace Twitter?


  • – Explaining the concept of Threads and its significance as a social media app.
  • – Highlighting its connection to Instagram and the existing user base.
  • – Comparing it to other Twitter alternatives like Blue Sky and Mastodon.

Getting Started with Threads:

  • – Quick and seamless setup process by linking an active Instagram account.
  • – Automatic porting of Instagram profile and option to follow existing Instagram accounts.
  • – Emphasizing the ease and speed of profile setup.

The Experience of Using Threads:

1. User Interface and Features:

  • – Describing the app’s simple and familiar interface resembling a blend of Twitter and Instagram.
  • – Highlighting the core functionalities, including composing threads, adding photos and videos, and engaging with activities.

2. Home View:

  • – Discussing the initial timeline experience and the presence of threads from known and unknown users.
  • – Acknowledging the current prevalence of unknown threads and the possibility of future improvements.

3. Search and Recommendations:

  • – Explaining the search feature and its role in discovering new users to follow.
  • – Emphasizing the potential for tailored recommendations based on user preferences.

4. Profile and Connectivity:

  • – Detailing the profile section and its key elements, such as sharing the profile and accessing Instagram accounts.
  • – Noting the user numbering system and the growing user base.

User Settings and Customization:

  • – Guiding users through the settings tab for managing notifications, privacy, and content filtering.
  • – Highlighting the option to mute or hide specific words similar to Instagram’s functionality.

User Feedback and Future Improvements:

  • – Expressing overall enjoyment of the app’s early experience.
  • – Suggesting potential improvements for upcoming updates, such as chronological timeline sorting, an explore page, and the ability to save drafts.
  • – Discussing the app’s potential to capture Twitter’s active user base and its trending popularity on Twitter itself.

what is threads?

and why should you care well it’s a social media app from Instagram as you can see by the name here threads in Instagram app but more importantly if you’re a fan of Twitter but not so much a fan of how it’s changed lately well this is another placement but unlike blue sky or Mastodon it actually has a large built-in user base already because it automatically ports over Instagram profile
 so all you have to do downloads the threads app and then assuming you have an active Instagram account it already links everything takes like three seconds to finish offy our profile and then there’s an options follow all of the accounts that you’re already following on Instagram and if they don’t yet have a thread account when they 
sign up it’ll Auto follow that person for you so honestly it’s unlike any of the other replacement apps because you already have people that you know on the platform that you can already interact with the app cam out early which was supposed to be today but it actually came out late last evening and honestly it was is a lot off un
 it was like the early days ofTwitter and Instagram lots of people onthere lots of people engaging and it wasjust something that I have not seen yeton a Twitter replacement so the appitself is actually incredibly simple itlooks a lot like Twitter and Instagrammixed into one uh I will stress that ifyou go to your main you know timelinehere which is the home button or theHome tab you are going to see a lot ofthreads I guess is what 
we’re going tocall them from people that you do knowand people that you don’t know and thatis by Design right now it might seemlike a lot of people that you don’t knowand I’m guessing that’s going toeventually change as more and more userssign up and use the platform in factthat’s what the head of Instagram andthreads has actually said so right nowyou’re going to see a lot of people thatyou don’t know and eventually there’sgoing to be improvements to the app Ihope but right now so here’s your homeView and then you can go 
to search andit’ll give you a recommendation onpeople to follow the middle is where youcompose a new thread and you can addphotos and video videos however thephotos part for me and a lot of otherusers is actually just crashing there isa work around I’ve just been copying andpasting photos that seems to work for meright now but as of this current momentagain it’s a very early you know part ofthe launch adding a photo here will makeit insta crash as you can see and thatwas not a pun but that was pretty cleverso yeah it instantly crashes if you tryto add a photo but here is where you’llsee your activities so you can actuallysort by
 all uh replies mentions andverifiedwhich is pretty niceum you can sort through all of thedifferent things and then here’s yourprofile you can instantly share yourprofile which by the way follow me onthreads at danbarbera1 which is myInstagram handleum and then of course follow Mac Rumorswhich is at Mac Rumors uh where you willbe active and posting things there andhopefully one day we can all move off ofTwitter but the one thing 
I do want topoint out about threads that I reallyenjoy is that when you do go to aprofile you’ll see the Instagram icon isalways at the top right and what thatdoes is if you tap it it takes you tothat person’s Instagram account which isreally really cool and another thing tonote about Instagram is now there’s alittle uh like at and then a numberunderneath your profile’s image and whatthat is is actually the user number thatyou areum when you join threads so I’m Number290 894 and apparently there are already10 million active users 
that have signedup so I’m not super early but I’m earlyenough so that was something that waspretty interesting to see you can edityour profile but it’s pretty Bare Bonesa lot of the settings and things arekind of done through Instagram thoughthere is a settings tab here and Ihighly recommend that if you do sign upyou might want to tailor some of thesenotifications because you will get a lotyou will get a lot of followingnotifications 
if you get followers or ifyou start following somebody or if theyjoin the app so I would recommend maybeturning some of this off if you’regetting a lot of active notification itabsolutely just torched my batteryyesterday so I am highly recommendingturning it off there’s a privacy settinghere so that you can make sure you kindof have your privacy the way you want ityou can mute and hide words if you’reseeing things that 
you don’t want to seesimilar to Instagram which is prettycool so I’m really enjoying the app sofar but there are a few things that Iwould change for the next update andhopefully Twitter does this not Twitterthreads Instagram hopefully they do thisvery very soon which would be at leastgive us the ability to you know look atour timeline based off of who we followI understand the decision because youknow they weren’t expecting 
maybe a tonof activity right away or they justwanted us to see some other people outthere who you might want to follow andjust kind of mix that in but right nowit’s pretty heavily skewed towardspeople you don’t follow and towardspeople you do so that would be nice tobe able to sort your timeline andhopefully in chronological orderum I I don’t know if there needs to belike an explore page I really like theexplore page and Twitter that’s 
how Ikind of like seen what’s trending andnews and stuff so maybe they could addthat in thereum it would be cool to be able to havedrafts because when the app crashes youdon’t have the draft of what you wereworking on so you need to 
pick back upon that there’s a couple of other things that are actually really cool so if you want to share a tweet you can share indirectly to your story and it makes this ice little UI automatically for you bandit just looks really clean you don’t have to do anything you can also Sharett to your Instagram feed you can allowed it which I thought was kind 
hilarious but yeah I mean that’s threads if you want to jump on another social media app go for it this seems to belike the one to do right now there’s a lot of Buzz behind it it was actually trending really really well on Twitter which is also still pretty funny to debut uh this is not like blue sky AND Mastodon those might be great apps but there’s 
just not a huge active user baseband not a lot of people flocking overgroom Twitter that I thought might have be flocking over to that but Instagram probably has the best chance to succeeding this case if they want to take over Twitter’s active user base uh so yeah that’s Instagram threads follow us thereon Instagram threads you can do


  • – Encouraging users to join the Threads community on Instagram.
  • – Reiterating the app’s unique features and its potential for success.
  • – Mentioning specific Instagram accounts to follow on Threads.

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