How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts | How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts in 2024 Results

How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts | How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts in 2024 Results

I used to think YouTube shorts was allluck but after posting
over 150 YouTubeshorts across three different channelsI’m now earning two
thousand dollars amonth from one channel and I can nowconfirm there’s no luck
to YouTubeshorts here’s a guide on how to makeviral shorts so you can start
seeingsimilar results step one create aYouTube channel about something 

in so we can upload shortsand there are two types of shortchannels you can
create one thatrepurposes content and one that uploadsoriginal content that you
createyourself my channel is the repurposedtype and I also recommend you take asimilar
approach if you want to makemoney as fast as possible this isbecause you have

 infinite amount ofcontent and you don’t need any skills ortalent to be
successful you literallyonly need to know how to use videoediting software
which I’ll explain howto use Ladle Step 2 to have the highestchances of going
viral within your firstfive shorts I recommend you search yourNiche and view
what’s already workingfor inspiration because what’s workingfor other channels
will likely work foryours when I started my channel 

I posted6 shorts around
topics I thought wouldgo viral they didn’t go viral and then Idecided to take
inspiration from what’salready working this decision caused mychannel to get
its first viral shortonly on the seventh upload to thechannel and I didn’t
realize until I hadposted another 39 shorts to my channelthat there was
something different aboutthis short that made it go viral thedifference between
this short and allthe other shorts on

 my channel was thatit had higher
attention and retention isthe most important YouTube metric behindany short
going viral on YouTube Iidentified two techniques that Iaccidentally applied to
the short tomake it have higher attention and eversince learning these
techniques theyhave been responsible for all of theviral shorts on my channel
continuewatching to see how to apply thesetechniques when you create your firstshort
step 3 Source 

Clips to use withinyour first short I have sourced everyclip I’ve
ever used in all my shortsfrom YouTube and using the trendingtopics you found
in Step 2 search forthat topic on YouTube to find Clipssince my channel is in
the footballNiche I will search Neymar funny momentsand and I’ll select this
shot herebecause I can immediately see that italready has high engagement and
since Iwant to use this clip within my short weneed to download it 

by finding
theoriginal video that the clip is from youshould always find the original
videobecause the quality will be much higherand there won’t be any watermarks
and ingeneral we just don’t want to bedownloading other people’s shorts anduploading
them as our own for my channelI can see every re-uploaded short ofmine and
YouTube Shadow bands thiscontent but to find the original clipyou will want to
describe exactly whatthe clip is 

about in the search bar it’seasy to find the
original clip usingthis method but sometimes a clip E1 iswithin a large video
and since we foundit we will copy the URL and head toGoogle and search for a
free YouTubevideo downloader most of the shorts onmy channel compilation so I
repeat thisfor multiple clips step 4 if you want tomake 

money from the clips
you downloadedyou have to make sure you’re adding sometype of edit and to prove
you can makemoney from this we can look at theYouTube monetization rules for
reusedcontent where if you edit your shortsyou’ll meet the super approved
criteriaof making a funny or thoughtful visionof content you didn’t originally
createand if your content doesn’t fall withany of these don’ts you will be
makingmoney from YouTube shorts step five it’snow time 

to edit your short and
I’ll beusing Adobe Premiere Pro but you canfollow along using any other type ofvideo
editing software since almost allhave a timeline feature and before westart
doing edits to increase retentionwe first need to get our edit ready tostart
use a frame size of 1080 in thehorizontal and 1920 in the vertical youwill have
to Google how to change yourframe size depending on what type ofsoftware you’re
using but next I willdrag in 

the downloader clips into thetimeline and I will delete
the originalsound because for my content the soundadds no value it’s usually
just someboring background noises if you’re doingsome type of content that the
audio addsvalue of course you’ll have to keep itin and since my clip is within
a largevideo we’ll have to use the cutting toolto cut the clip at the exact
moment wewant to use and I’ll delete the leftoverclips and repeat this for

of myClips because as I I mentioned I’mcreating a completion and we don’t wantto
show these black borders so we’llincrease the scale of the video and thenreposition
it so it’s centered withinthe frame step six aim to achieve higherretention
because as I mentionedretention is the key metric behind anyshort going viral
the second technique Ilearned from studying my first viralshort was that within
the first second Ialready had one text edit onehighlighted

 Circle and two
sounds thesetypes of edits appeared every twoseconds throughout the entire
short tokeep the viewer engaged both visuallyand auditory and now we will apply
thistechnique by adding our first edit justafter the short starts because we
wantchange to occur within the first instantthis will stop viewers continuing
toscroll on their feed and they’llactually watch out short and at thispoint I
will drag in a graphic such as alaughing emoji and

 place it aboveNeymar’s head
because for this contextNeymar is mocking the reporter and it’sfunny I will
drag in and align a popsound effect as soon as the graphicappears on the screen
again we arecreating both a visual and auditorychange constantly I do recommend
youcreate a folder full of sound effectsand Graphics because you’ll beconstantly
adding these throughout yourentire short now back to the edit I willadd some
more Graphics such as an arrowand text to really highlight the videotopic which
is Neymar now

 I will repeatthis step where I add frequent editsevery two
seconds while ensuring thateach graphic has a paired sound effectand I will
make sure I don’t use thesame type of graphic every single editbecause you want
to feed the viewer withnew content as a side note you should beadding these
frequent edits to any Nichebut adjust them to suit the style ofNiche for
example if you’re creatingmotivational shorts you shouldn’t beadding laughing

because that’sjust not the style I know of so manydifferent short
channels that applythese same Concepts but just adjust themto suit their Niche
and as you couldexpect it is making their shorts goviral step 6 and trending
music to yourshort you can still monetize your shortseven if you use
copyrighted music and alot of people get confused about thisbecause after you
upload a show withcopyrighted music you will see acopyright restriction in your
YouTubeStudio but if you roll over thecopyright restriction you will see itreads

protected content foundbut it doesn’t affect your short alsoyou can
see my channel has monetizationon for all of my shorts regardless of ithaving a
copyright restriction or notstep 7 export the short in the highestquality
possible and then upload it toyour channel and your views willprobably explode
for the first hour andthen they’ll Flatline this is somethingthat’s so
discouraging about starting anew YouTube shorts Channel and somethingthat
doesn’t make sense at all forexample my first viral Shore received7000 views
within the first 25 minutesand 

then it proceeded to Flatline over a24-hour
period but if we change the timeperiod to Lifetime you can see that theshort
didn’t go viral for two days noone can actually prove why this happensto shorts
but I think it’s YouTube’s wayof testing your short to a small groupof viewers
to see if it’s a good videoand you need to understand one thingabout YouTube
shorts is that it’s a fairgame where if you create a good videothat has high retention
it will all goviral now

 let’s look at the analytics Iuploaded the shorts six
days ago when IWas preparing for this video and you cansee the show has reached
over 200 000views in the last seven days thesenumbers are typical for a Channel
of mysize as I do have over 250 000subscribers and I’m expecting to makesure to
still go viral because if wetake a look at my channel and click onany of my
viral shorts you will see eachof them don’t get pushed into thealgorithm for
anywhere between 7 to 21days you should also expect a similartime period for
any of your shorts to goviral 

as I’ve only had one short on mychannel go viral
within a 24-hour periodand here’s the rest of my shortanalytics if you’re
interested in any ofthis information just pause the videoand that’s all you
need to know abouthow to create a viral short it’sobviously not as easy just
watching thisvideo and then going to do it yourselfit will take time to get
good at editingand actually learn how to create a goodshort in my next video
I’m going to tryYouTube Automation and we’re going toturn a YouTube channel
into a businesswhere we do none of the work

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